Services to simplify the management of your business cash flow

Automate processes with technology-driven digital business banking solutions for fast, secure transaction processing.

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Save time
Receive funds faster
Meet financial forecasts
Reduce risk

Treasury Management Services that keep you in
control of incoming and outgoing payments.

Online Bill Pay

Improve efficiencies and save time by paying bills in Online Banking and the Mobile Banking app.


  • Schedule payments in advance
  • Set up payments for recurring expenses
  • Pay anyone – if payee does not accept digital payments we mail a paper check
  • View payee details all in one place
  • Sort and view payment history by date, payee and amount
  • Download transactions to Quicken® and Quickbooks®

ACH Origination

Stay on budget and enhance cash flow by timing when outgoing payments are debited from your account.


  • Originate transactions online or in the mobile app
  • Reduce errors associated with manual processing
  • Pay employees with Direct Deposit
  • Upload payment information to transfer funds in bulk
  • Same day processing available

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Add security and control to same-day payments that are disbursed directly to beneficiaries’ bank accounts.¹


  • Initiate domestic and international wire transfers online or in the mobile app
  • Set up one-time or recurring transfers
  • Use online templates to create and save beneficiary information for recurring wires
  • Schedule same-day or future date wires
  • Set user roles and establish dual permissions for increased control
  • Receive account alerts when funds are transmitted

Zelle® for your small business

Send funds in minutes to eligible small business customers and vendors


  • Use Online Banking or Mobile Banking to originate payments
  • Send funds using a U.S. email address or mobile number

Auto Debit

Set up automatic payments for recurring bills and loan payments and others. Contact your payee to provide your account number and electronic routing number


  • Avoid time-consuming manual scheduling and check writing
  • Eliminate mail delays
  • Ensure payments are made on time

Payee Positive Pay

Add an extra layer of fraud detection and prevention to check transactions.


  • Check information is matched to information you upload, including check number, amount and payee, prior to being paid
  • If the information doesn’t match, you receive an exception notification for online review to approve or reject processing
  • Improve accounting accuracy with check reconciliation and stale check verification reports

Incoming Wire Transfers

Receive payments electronically deposited directly into your account.


  • Receive funds as soon as the same day
  • Get alerts when payments are received
  • Provide your account number and wire transfer routing number to your sender. International senders will need the SWIFT Code.

ACH Collections

Streamline the electronic collection of receivables and access your funds faster.


  • Eliminate manual processing of paper checks
  • Avoid mail handling and delays
  • Enhance cash flow with funds electronically deposited directly into your account

Zelle® for your small business

Accept payments from your customers, other small businesses and vendors.


  • Fast, easy and secure
  • Send payment requests and view received payments in Online Banking and Mobile Banking

Mobile Check Deposit

Capture a check image using the camera on your phone to securely deposit checks from anywhere with Mobile Banking.


  • Save time and avoid a trip to the bank
  • Receive instant confirmation that your deposit is processing
  • Get account alerts when deposits clear
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Remote Deposit Capture

Select the account to make a deposit and scan checks individually or in bulk.


  • Deposit checks using a desktop scanner
  • Equip one or multiple locations with a scanner for efficient deposits
  • Use as an alternative to mobile check deposit to save administrative time

Merchant Services

Accept eCheck, credit, debit and gift card payments from your customers.


  • Give your customers more ways to pay
in-person and online
  • Funds are available in your account as soon as 48 hours
  • Select mobile device and point of sale terminals
  • Understand customer purchasing and payment patterns with robust reporting
  • No contract or cancellation fees

Lockbox Services

Securely receive incoming payments with processing handled by dedicated specialists.


  • Tenant, customer and vendor payments are mailed to a Banesco USA P.O. Box for collection, processing and deposit into your account
  • View online activity to track incoming payments and manage cash flow.
  • Eliminate employee handling of payments and save time, improve accuracy and reduce risk

Online Banking

View and manage your finances online to efficiently operate your business.


  • View incoming transaction activity and history
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Monitor ACH, wire transfer and other incoming payments in real time
  • Stay up-to-date on outgoing payments

Mobile Banking

Stay current on the financial information you need to manage your business.


  • View account balances and detailed transaction history
  • Move money between your accounts
  • Sign up to receive account alerts for transactions above preset limits
  • Pay bills on the go
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Manage business liquidity with Zero Balance accounts.

Here’s how it works.

Sweep idle cash

Each day, automatically sweep funds from payroll, operating and other sub-accounts to a master account.

Enhance cash flow

Maintain $0 balances in sub-accounts until funds are needed for business operations.

Fund payment accounts

Transfer funds from master account to selected sub-accounts to make payments.

Global Payment Processing Global Payment Processing

Global Payment Processing

Conduct transactions globally with the support of our network of correspondent banks, ensuring efficient and secure transaction processing while protecting your privacy.

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