Corporate Social

Corporate Social

Giving is Part of Our Job

At Banesco USA, our culture is built around our people. We strive every day to be the best partners we can be. We understand the importance of developing the people who work with us and the communities where we live. By investing not only money but also our time into growing and educating the communities we serve, we aim to provide a better tomorrow for everyone.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have partnered with reputable organizations such as Kapow, Junior Achievement, and the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). We also participate in local beach clean-ups with and donate to various organizations that we believe have a significant impact on our communities, such as Lendreams, HOPE Inc., Survivor Pathway, Fundación Comunitaria Puerto Rico, and Prospera.

Empowerment through Education

Banesco USA partners with United Way, Junior Achievement and Cristo Rey to help students build a foundation for making lifelong personal - finance decisions.

United Way Miami

Our commitment to our communities naturally aligns with the mission of United Way Miami. Banesco USA proudly collaborates with United Way Miami as a leading partner, working towards building strong and resilient communities. We support their mission by providing financial sponsorships, volunteer opportunities, and active participation on the Board of Directors. Our commitment extends to serving on United Way Miami's Women United Executive Council, advocating for meaningful opportunities in fundraising, volunteering, and professional development. Many of our associates are also donors, leadership givers, and dedicated volunteers. Together, we strive to empower individuals and create a better future for Miami-Dade County.

Junior Achievement of Greater Miami

Committed to transforming children's lives through powerful learning experiences, JA is dedicated to equipping them with the essential tools to graduate, secure meaningful employment, and achieve financial independence. Our partnership is centered around providing students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds with comprehensive economic education, starting from the earliest stages of their educational journey. As a result, students develop a range of invaluable skills, including critical problem-solving abilities and informed decision-making expertise in the realms of business, economics, and personal finance.  Banesco supports this organization's mission through generous financial sponsorships and actively engaging its employees in meaningful volunteer opportunities. Together, we strive to empower the next generation with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the modern world and forge their own path to success.

Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico

This is the first foundation of its kind in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and the only one in Puerto Rico today. They promote sustainable access to clean water, renewable energy, housing, community economic development, and education through increased community capital. Banesco USA partnered with this remarkable foundation to help communities in Puerto Rico achieve their social and economic transformation.

Corporate Work-Study Program of Cristo Rey Miami High School (CWSP)

Through this innovative program, students work at local companies to fund the majority of their tuition, gain valuable job experience, and provide real services to local businesses. Banesco USA has partnered with CWSP to welcome student workers as entry-level employees and provide them the opportunity to gain professional banking experience, thinking skills and student engagement while helping students merge what they learn in school with the real world.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami

Builds homes and transforms lives and communities by providing low-income families with affordable home ownership opportunities in Miami-Dade County. Banesco supports this organization through financial sponsorships and volunteer opportunities serving as Chair of their Women's Leadership Council, members of their Women Building Up Women initiative and their fundraising host committee.

I Have A Dream Foundation

Dedicated to the noble mission of ensuring equal educational opportunities for all children, striving to empower young 'dreamers' in underserved communities to pursue and achieve their higher education aspirations. By equipping individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources, they pave the way for their success in postsecondary education. Their commitment goes beyond mere support, they provide essential tuition assistance to alleviate financial barriers that often hinder access to college. Through their efforts, they aim to transform the academic and life trajectory of these dreamers, leaving a lasting impact on not only their families but also future generations to come.  Banesco USA proudly stands as a partner in this inspiring endeavor, actively contributing to the cause as a valued member of their esteemed Board of Directors. Together, we work hand in hand to advance the mission of empowering young dreamers, unlocking a world of opportunities, and shaping a brighter future for all.

Casa Familia

Casa Familia is a non-profit organization committed to the creation of sustainable, enriched, and affordable housing communities. Their primary focus is on providing exceptional living environments with tailored features, amenities, and services to greatly benefit adults with intellectual, developmental, and related disabilities. At the forefront of supporting this vital cause, one of Banesco USA employees proudly serves as the Treasurer of the organization. Furthermore, Banesco USA has taken a pioneering step by establishing the Casa Familia Bankers Alliance—a groundbreaking collaborative effort among banks. This innovative alliance aims to join forces in assisting Casa Familia in the development of much-needed affordable housing communities, all while fulfilling their respective Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) objectives. Together, they strive to create a lasting impact and enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities through accessible and inclusive housing solutions.

Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust ('MDEAT')

MDEAT stands as a county agency with a profound mission to foster equitable participation of the Black community in the economic growth of Miami-Dade County. They tirelessly advocate for equal opportunities while vigilantly monitoring economic conditions and development initiatives within the county. At Banesco, we wholeheartedly support this crucial organization through various means, including financial sponsorships and providing invaluable volunteer opportunities by serving on their Board of Directors. In this leadership role, we are privileged to spearhead the organization's efforts, particularly in relation to their Homeownership Assistance Program aiming to create pathways to affordable homeownership and financial empowerment for members of the Black community.

AAA Scholarship Foundation

AAA is a prominent Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Organization dedicated to empowering economically disadvantaged families and families with children with disabilities. Their mission is to provide comprehensive support, including financial assistance, to enable these families to make informed decisions about selecting the most suitable K-12 schools for their children's education. Banesco USA proudly contributes to this noble cause financially and by actively engaging its employees as Chair of the Bank Advisory Council. In this role, they extend invaluable assistance to AAA in various areas, such as fundraising initiatives, advocacy efforts, and fostering greater awareness about the organization's transformative work.

Casa Valentina

Casa Valentina is unique in Florida and around the country, providing wraparound mentoring and coaching services tailored to each resident, as well as safe, affordable housing to help them reach their goals. Casa Valentina’s goal is to provide at-risk and former foster care youth with safe affordable housing, life skills, and continued support so that they achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.



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