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About Us

Banesco USA was founded January 10th, 2006 to offer banking services and solutions to business owners, their families, and consumers within the communities we serve. Our mission is to provide the best and safest banking experience protected by the latest technology to make banking more convenient to our customers. Our team of dedicated and experienced relationship bankers are committed to offering our customers the personalized service they deserve.

With four business centers in South Florida - Aventura, Brickell, Coral Gables, and Hialeah - and one in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Banesco USA is insured by the FDIC and holds a 4-star rating from the Bauer Financial rating service.

Banesco USA is a Florida state-chartered bank regulated by the Office of Financial Regulation (OFR) and completely independent of Banesco in other countries.


Everything we do is rooted in the following values:

We are committed to
our customers, our team,
and our community.

The decisions we take
are always customer-centric,
transparent and aligned with the actions we take as individuals
as well as an organization, working as a unified team.

Quality continues to be
a fundamental part of competitiveness,
although in our new environment we must
prioritize agility,
simplicity, and timeliness, versus a perfect solution.

We must strive to give the best to our customers
with the resources available, feeling proud of our work
and being able to identify what we still need to improve.

It is clear that the market
is undergoing
constant change and in order to guarantee
the success of adaptability, we have to strengthen
collaborative work, being generous, self-critical,
by placing our customers' interest as well as
Banesco’s above our own.

The transformation of the financial industry
is a reality and in order
to respond to these changes we must reward proactivity,
curiosity, versatility and the ability to adapt.

We need to always
be willing to incorporate
the best ideas and solutions
in our business while managing errors.

Our Team

Our team is our biggest asset. They know our customers and are able to provide the service that best meets their needs. Get to know us, too!

Board of Directors

Carlos Palomares

Chairman of the Board

Banking executive with over 40 years experience in U.S. and international financial markets. Former Chairman of Miami Dade County’s Beacon Council. Member of Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. Executive Committee. Graduate of New York University.

Mario Oliva

President & CEO

Banking executive with over 30 years of banking experience in domestic and international markets. Proven track record in planning, evaluation and implementing strategies. Mr. Oliva was a member of the Board of the various entities that comprise the Banesco Group in the Americas, as well as being the Corporate Coordinator of all the Chief Credit Officers of the Americas. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A) from IESA and is a Graduate of Universidad Católica Andres Bello.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodriguez

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Banking executive with extensive experience in the financial sector. He currently is the President of Banesco Grupo Financiero Internacional, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banesco Banco Universal and Banesco Holding, as well as a director at Banesco Holding Latinoamérica, S.A. He also serves as an adviser to the VISA International Advisory Council for Latin America and the Caribbean and was a director of Banco Etcheverría (Spain) from December 2012 until its absorption by NCG Banco, S.A. In June 2014, he was appointed vice president of the Board of Directors of NCG Banco, S.A. (currently ABANCA Corporación Bancaria, S.A). In June 2017, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of ABANCA Corporación Bancaria, S.A. Other relevant positions: he is a member of the board of directors of the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA).

Miguel Ángel Marcano


Banking executive with extensive experience in the financial sector. Graduate of Andrés Bello Catholic University and University of Miami. He currently is the chairman of several financial institutions and insurance companies of the Banesco Group in America.

Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez


Member of the Loan, Risk, Audit, Marketing and ALCO committees. Director of Banesco International Corporation. Vast experience in Real Estate development in the Miami area. Graduate of the University of Miami.

Seno Bril


Has more than 40 years of experience in senior management roles in investment banking, wealth management and in the consumer financial services industry in the U.S. and international markets. Graduate of the Institute of International Studies in Geneva and Past Chairman of FIBA (Florida International Bankers Association).

Carlos Eduardo Escotet Alviarez


Bringing an extensive history with Banesco Group since 2011 serving on the board of several Banesco Group companies worldwide and leading innovation in the design and implementation of new products combined with entrepreneurship in commercial real estate and multi-family segments in the United States. He holds an MBA from Rady School of Management (UCSD) and is a Graduate in Economics from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello.

Alvaro Morales


Banking executive combining over 22 years of experience in private banking, wealth management, global and business generation that include CEO and Board of Director positions in Santander Group with technology innovation and fintech entrepreneurship as co-Founder and Chairman of Flanks. He holds an MBA from IESE and is an industrial engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

At Banesco USA, we strive to build strong long-lasting relationships with our clients. We want to get to know you so we can truly understand your needs.

Executive Management

Mario Oliva

President & CEO

Banking executive with over 30 years of banking experience in domestic and international markets. Proven track record in planning, evaluation and implementing strategies. Mr. Oliva was a member of the Board of the various entities that comprise the Banesco Group in the Americas, as well as being the Corporate Coordinator of all the Chief Credit Officers of the Americas. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A) from IESA and is a Graduate of Universidad Católica Andres Bello.

Mercedes Escotet

Executive Vice-President, Chief Corporate Governance Officer

Ms. Escotet brings over 35 years of experience in the financial sector, she is responsible for directing Banesco USA's overall corporate governance, audit, and procurement functions, as well as serving as Secretary to the Board of Directors.

Alba Préstamo

Executive Vice-President, Chief Compliance Officer

Ms. Prestamo brings over 37 years of experience, with vast expertise in risk management, which includes overseeing the Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering compliance.

Leticia Pino

Executive Vice-President, Chief Administrative Officer

Ms. Pino currently brings over 35 years of experience from both international and domestic operations. She is responsible for the daily operations of the Bank as well as Human Resources and other administrative areas.

Maritza Abadía

Executive Vice-President, Puerto Rico Country Manager

Ms. Abadia is a professional banker and certified public accountant with more than 35 years experience in Corporate Banking.

Luis Grau

Senior Vice-President, Head of Commercial & International Banking

Mr. Grau oversees the teams responsible for the relationships with all Commercial & International Customers. Mr. Grau applies his expertise in Domestic & International Markets to provide clients with financial solutions that are aligned with their needs.

Nelson Hidalgo

Executive Vice-President, Head of Corporate Banking

Mr. Hidalgo brings over 25 years of experience in Corporate Banking and Commercial Lending. He is responsible for the areas of Corporate Banking and Portfolio Management.

Michel Vogel

Senior Vice-President, Chief Credit Officer

Mr. Vogel has over 25 years of banking experience within commercial banking and credit management. He holds an MBA from Florida Atlantic University. He is responsible for the Credit Administration unit.

Julio Valle

Executive Vice-President, Chief Information Officer

Mr. Valle has over 20 years of experience in technology and 15 focused on financial institutions. He currently leads the bank's technical operations, business intelligence, and innovative projects.

Kenneth Schoeni

Executive Vice-President, Chief Financial & Risk Officer

Mr. Schoeni is responsible for directing Banesco USA's overall risk, finance, and treasury functions. Prior to joining Banesco USA in 2012, Mr. Schoeni worked in investment banking at Lazard Middle Market and Sandler O’Neill. Mr. Schoeni holds a B.A. from Vanderbilt University.

Gustavo Rengifo

Senior Vice-President, Products & Digital Banking Officer

Mr. Rengifo is responsible for the customer channels of the bank including Digital Banking, Cash Management, and Marketing. He currently leads customer experience and innovation-focused projects. Mr. Rengifo holds master's degrees in mechanical engineering and Business Administration.

Rafael Navarro

Vice-President, Strategic Planning Officer

Mr. Navarro is responsible for the strategic planning, project management, and process units. He brings advanced analytical skills and a continuous improvement mindset to the bank. Rafael has an Engineering Degree and holds an MBA Degree with a Finance Concentration from Babson College.

Norma Sabo

Senior Vice-President, General Counsel

Ms. Sabo has extensive legal, regulatory, and transactional experience in the international and financial services industry including Corporate, Banking, Securities, Investment Advisory, and Investment Management. Ms. Sabo has an LLM in Taxation, University of Miami School of Law; J.D., Nova Southeastern University School of Law; and a B.A. in Public Administration, University of Miami.

Corporate Banking

Amelia C. Rodriguez

SVP, Corporate Lending Team Leader

Ana Lorenzo

SVP, Trade Finance Lender

Martha S. Tabio

SVP, Construction Loan Division

Fabricio Gomez

VP, Commercial Lending Officer

Frank Casas

SVP, Commercial Lending Officer

Brian Barroso

SVP, Corporate Lending Manager

John Cedres

VP, Corporate Lending Officer

Business Banking and Centers

Jesse Suarez

VP, Business Banker Team Leader

Rogelio Obeso

SVP, Market Leader Coral Gables

Luis Gonzalez

VP, Market Leader Hialeah

Hasel Villoch

VP, Business Banker Doral

David Van Sky

VP, Market Leader Brickell

Michelle Sanchez

VP, Business Banker

Raymond Budyszewick

SVP, Head of SBA Lending

Victor Uranga

Business Banker

Paul Abad

VP, Business Banker


Luis Pereda

VP, International Regional Manager

Nelisa Chacín

VP, Correspondent Banking Officer

Manuel Rivas-Requena

AVP, International Account Officer

Karel Raydan

AVP, International Account Officer

Maria De Lourdes Rivera

VP, International Account Officer

Natahly Bermudez

International Account Officer

Susana Martinez

AVP, International Account Officer

Carlos Da Gama

International Account Officer

Puerto Rico Branch Staff

Francisco Portero

VP, Commercial Lender

Maria Mercedes Norcisa

VP, Commercial Lender

Leonardo Maldonado

VP, Commercial Lender

Miguel Cartagena

VP, Commercial Lender

Treasury Management

Fernando Herrera

Cash Management Officer

Residential Lending

Enrique Ugarte

VP, Residential Lending Officer

Lourdes Escarza

VP, Consumer & Mortgage Lending Officer

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to help build the communities we serve by focusing our attention and resources locally.

Banesco Stories

Meet some of our customers and learn about their experience with Banesco USA.


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