How Treasury Management Service Can Benefit Your Business

By Banesco Team
Published on July 18, 2019

Understanding Treasury Management services


A treasury management account is a multi-use brokerage account that is designed to manage cash, make payments and earn interest, typically used for business finance management. 

These accounts are an all-in-one service, offering a mix of a checking and savings account: A checking account with the use of a debit card and ATM withdrawals, as well as an interest-bearing savings account. This all-in-one type of account will typically pay a higher interest rate than traditional savings accounts. 

By offering multiple services in only one account rather than meeting the same purposes separately, a treasury management account offers an ideal option for businesses that would like to have group and integrate services together in one tool. 

That’s because monitoring different accounts can be confusing, time-consuming and not in a business’s best interest. Having accounts combined, helps financial managers achieve more in less time. 

Benefits of a Treasury Management Account

  • – Visibility: A treasury management account offers clear and easy tracking of all that’s happening with a business’ money in one place. It allows business owners and operators to monitor and view all their cash movements. The more visibility, the more control these businesses can have over their goals by having a better understanding of their financial position at any given time.  
  • – Simplicity: One of the biggest benefits of having a treasury management account is having only one financial institution, like Banesco supporting a principal financial need. It means fewer statements and paperwork at tax time but also the ability to concentrate your savings and investment plans in a single relationship.
  • – Time savings: Having multiple accounts functions combined into one account also saves companies time from the point of view of customer service. Instead of contacting different parties for different accounts, a treasury management account with Banesco USA allows you to be more efficient, having an easier customer service experience via one party that can guide you through any matter. 

what is a cash management account

What to look for in a Treasury Management Account 


It’s important your treasury management account is FDIC-insured (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). The FDIC will protect your money in case something happens. Banesco USA is completely independent of Banesco in other countries and all of its deposits are insured by the FDIC. 

Because peace of mind is such a priority, the bank also offers additional advanced secured features such as:

  • ACH (Automatic Clearing House): services that allow you to securely send and/or receive electronic payments. 
  • Trusteer: a security software that detects malware risks
  • Digital Token: a security feature enabled by an App that allows you to process online transactions quickly with an additional layer of security.
  • Positive Pay: A free service for business accounts that protects you from check fraud. 

Interest Rate

The national average interest gain, of course, varies in a traditional savings account (currently .08%). With a treasury management account, you’ll be able to get a higher rate of interest.


A treasury management account with Banesco USA also allows you to use a credit card or debit card that is linked directly to your account, providing easy access to funds at the time. 

The account offers several flexible features like allowing you to withdraw money and set up bill pay and accessing your money without limits. 

Banesco USA offers a wide variety of features to your treasury management account to better serve your needs with maximum flexibility. 

  • The ‘remote deposit capture’ feature allows you to deposit your checks to your account from any computer with internet access. 
  • Through the Banesco Online Banking platform, you can transfer funds domestically and internationally, making wire transfers easy, fast and secure.
  • Its merchant service lets you accept payments anytime, anywhere. 

A treasury management account not only serves a business’s financial needs but it’s also an excellent resource to save up for short- mid-term goals, such as a down payment for expanding a business, purchasing equipment or emergency funds.

If you are looking to better organize and maximize your finances, consider a treasury management account with Banesco USA that consolidates and elevates your banking experience and meet your broader financial goals. 

If you’re interested in a treasury management account, you can reach one of our experienced personal bankers by calling +1 (888) 228-1597, or by visiting one of our convenient branch locations.  




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