Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Detect Safe Browsing (DSB)

  • Yes, you remain protected. As a Banesco USA client, you can rely on a variety of tools to prevent fraud and keep your accounts safe:

    • Alerts

      Alerts enable you to monitor your account without logging onto BanescOnline. Customize your Alerts settings to notify you automatically concerning transactions that exceed the dollar limit, account balances and more. Receive timely alerts via email or your mobile device. For more information on how to set up Alerts on BanescOnline, click here.

    • E-Statements

      You can receive your account statements electronically. These convenient Electronic Account Statements reduce the possibility of mail fraud or identity theft. Best of all, there is no enrollment cost. Log onto BanescOnline to sign up.

    • FICO® Score*

      Monitor your credit score with BanescOnline or BanescoMobile… FREE! You should check your score monthly for inexplicable changes that may indicate that your personal information has been compromised. With BanescOnline or BanescoMobile, regular checking of your score does not affect your credit.

      *Restricted to clients with social security numbers issued by the U.S. government’s Social Security Administration
    • Digital Token

      Digital Tokens apps are available to all clients who use our online banking services to process electronic transfers or ACH transfers.

    • Positive Pay

      An innovative system for companies that mitigates the risk of fraudulent checks by comparing information on the check that has been issued against data on record. The system alerts you whenever any difference is detected, and you decide whether to pay the check or refuse it.

  • If you do not uninstall DSB, a message will appear beginning June 29, 2022, each time you log onto BanescOnline or BanescoMobile to inform you that Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) is inactive or that you can no longer access this service. You can simply disregard the notice and continue with your online or mobile banking.

  • You can simply disregard the notice and log into BanescOnline or BanescoMobile, but we recommend that you uninstall Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) if you wish to prevent the message from appearing. Please check the preferred option below:

  • Please contact a Customer Service Specialist:

  • We recommend that you equip your computer with antivirus software to protect you from attacks by a computer virus or other type of malware. We also suggest:

  • Please contact a Customer Service Specialist:

Check Deposit FAQs

Deposit Checks from your phone anytime, anywhere!

Check Deposit is a service available on your app for iPhone®, Ipad® and Android™ devices. It's as easy to use as your phone's camera.

To use Check Deposit and other banking services on-the-go, download the app on your phone:

Right for you if:

•   You want the convenience of depositing checks from your mobile device
•   You have an iPhone®, Ipad® or Android™ device
•   You have a Banesco USA Personal or Business Checking Account

How it works:

•   Make sure you have downloaded the app on your phone
•   Sign on to your account in the app & choose "Check Deposit" (in the left hand corner of the home screen)
•   As part of enrollment in the service you'll be asked to accept the terms and conditions
•   Select the checking account you want to deposit your check into
•   Enter the check amount
•   Sign the back of your check
•   Free up enough device memory for taking pictures by closing other apps or restarting your device
•   Take a picture of both sides of your check and submit the check images for mobile deposit
•   You will receive confirmation emails once the deposit has been received and also when the deposit is accepted for processing

Banesco Visa® Debit Card FAQs

What is a chip card?

A chip card is a credit or debit card embedded with a microchip. This “chip” turns your account into a onetime unique code when used as a chip transaction.

Has anything else about my account changed?

Your card’s expiration date and security code have changed. If you have automatic transactions set-up for your account, such as membership fees or utility bills, be sure to update that information. Your username and password will stay the same.

How do I use my new card?

If the places you shop have chip-enabled registers, simply insert your card and authorize the transaction. This is the safest and most convenient way in using your new Banesco Visa® Debit Card. For phone or online transactions, nothing changes.

Should I advise if traveling?

Yes, please contact us to advise via Secure Message Online or by calling our Call Center. If sending via secure message, please include below details:
•   Last seven of Debit card number (Ex. xxxxxxxxxxxx0001234)
•   Exact Travel Dates: (Ex. 08/01/2017 - 8/30/2017)
•   Travel Location: (Ex. Spain)

What if I still have questions?

Please contact our Client Care Center:
From USA: 1-888-228-1576
From Venezuela: 0-800-122-8226

How to Activate your Banesco Visa® Debit Card?

Activation Process for International Customers:

To activate your new Banesco Visa® Debit Card; please log onto your BanescOnline access to send us a Secure Message. You can do so by following the below steps:
•   Visit
•   Under the “” tab, select “Login”
•   Enter your Access ID and Passcode
•   Once logged in, select “Messages” in upper right hand corner
•   Then select “New Message”
•   Under Categories, select “Card Activation”
•   Under Subject, type “Card Activation”
•   When sending the Message include: The last seven numbers of your new debit card (include any 0’s)
•   Then hit “Send Message”
•   You will receive a response, that the message was sent
•   The Banesco USA team, will proceed in activating your card and providing a response to your message immediately

Activation Process for Domestic Customers:

Please call the number on the sticker.

Change PIN Request (Both Domestic and International):

You can change your PIN by visiting a Banesco USA ATM, or through a secure message by following the steps below:
•   Visit
•   Under the “” tab, select “Login”
•   Enter your Access ID and Passcode
•   Once logged in, select “Messages” in upper right hand corner
•   Then select “New Message”
•   Under Categories, select “New PIN Request”
•   Under Subject, type in “New PIN Request”
•   When sending the Message include: the last seven numbers of your debit card (include any 0’s). Please include the 4 digits of your new PIN
•   Then hit “Send Message”
•   You will receive a response, that the message was sent
•   The Banesco team, will proceed in re-pinning your card and providing a response to your message immediately



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