“Ponce De Leon” Excellence Business Awards 2016

The Chamber of Commerce of Spain in the United States yesterday celebrated the new delivery of the “Ponce De Leon” Excellence Business Awards, where the successful internationalization of Spanish and American companies with investment or business in the USA is rewarded. and Spain respectively. (See photo album)

Jaime García-Legaz, Secretary of State for Commerce of Spain, and Lauro Bravar, President of the Chamber of Spain in the USA. , they presented the Awards. The Director of the Diario AS, Alfrado Relaño, was the one who picked up the “Ponce de León” Business Award 2016 for Spanish business excellence as a reward for his successful exhibition in the US for the newspaper AS US. On the other hand, Armando Hernandez, CPA of Hernandez & Company, was responsible for collecting this same award in the US section; signature created in 1992 that today has more than 60 employees, keeps a close relationship with Spanish businesses.

In addition, the magazine Hola! in third place, the Icontainers companies and the EFE Agency in a tight tie for the second place in the Spanish prize list. US companies Banesco and Rilea Group came in second, while Acorn Seekers and restaurant Klima, empPoncedeleon_CapturaASataron in third place. The person in charge of announcing the winners of this edition of the “Ponce de León” awards was Jose Maria Lacasa, Counselor of the US Chamber of Commerce. – Spain and Senior Vice President of First Bank, sponsors of the awards.

Also, the Chamber of Commerce had the pleasure of having the presence of Cándido Creis Estrada, Consul General of Spain in Miami; Inmaculada Gutierrez, Economic and Commercial Counselor; Inmaculada Riera, General Director of the Chamber of Spain; and Manny Mencia, vice president of International Trade and Business Development at Enterprise Florida, among some of his distinguished attendees. In this edition of the “Ponce de León” awards, the exceptional work of support for the business internationalization of Jaime García-Legaz and Bill Johnson (whose award was collected by Manny Mencia in his name), who collaborate closely creating successful ties, was recognized. business in both the United States and Spain.

This event was held with the support of First Bank and companies such as Mapfre, Cordero & Associates, Vivanco and Totalbank within the Coral Gables Country Club.



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